Optional Skills Assessment Service (OSAS) Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing your application please ensure you refer to the programme applicant guidelines and other related information for each of the TRA skills assessment programmes.

How long will it take to process my skills assessment?

The RTO you select to conduct your skills assessment will advise how long the process will take. Typically, an assessment may be completed within 13 weeks from the date you submit the required documentary evidence to the TRA- approved RTO.

Further information on the process for the Optional Skills Assessment Service is available in the Applicant Guidelines.

How much will an assessment cost?

The assessment fee depends on the occupation being assessed and varies between the individual TRA-approved RTOs. As a guide the documentary evidence stage generally costs between $600-$800, while the technical/practical stage generally costs between $1,200-$1,800. Applicants should contact the relevant RTO to confirm the price for their assessment.

How do I locate a registered training organisation (RTO) that can conduct a skills assessment for my occupation?

TRA has approved a number of RTOs to conduct skills assessment services in a range of occupations and locations around the world. Please visit the site to identify the RTOs available to conduct your assessment, and their contact details.

How do I obtain an occupational licence in Australia?

Australia has strict safety standards and licensing requirements for licensed occupations. While TRA is responsible for assessing the skills of migrants to ensure they have the skills required to operate in their occupation in Australia, occupational licensing is the responsibility of the relevant state or territory licensing authority. Often the requirements for licensing include a period of employment experience and obtaining Australia-specific knowledge of the relevant occupation within the Australian environment.

Successful skills assessments for licensed occupations conducted by TRA-approved RTOs (either through the Offshore Skills Assessment Program, the 457 Skills Assessment Program, Trades Recognition Service or the Optional Skills Assessment Service) result in the issue of an Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR). The OTSR recognises an individual’s technical skills, but also acknowledges that the individual has yet to apply their skills in the Australian environment.
OTSR holders can apply for a provisional license upon arrival in Australia, which enables them to work under supervision while they address any Australian-specific knowledge gaps in work experience before applying for a tradesperson's license.
Please visit the Licensing page for further information.



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