How to Apply

Please follow the steps below to apply for Migration Points Advice.

Please Note: Before submitting an application to TRA, you must check with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)  regarding the requirements for the visa you have chosen.

Step 1: Read the Migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines

Applications to Trades Recognition Australia must meet the requirements of the Migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines. 

You are expected to read the Applicant Guidelines before applying to TRA as they contain information about eligibility requirements, the evidence you are required to provide and application fees for your Migration Points Advice.

You can navigate to the Applicant Guidelines using the left hand navigation bar or by clicking here.

Alternatively, PDF and Word versions of the Applicant Guidelines are available to be downloaded on the “Key Documents” page.

You can navigate to the Key Documents using the left hand navigation bar or by clicking here.

Step 2: Complete the Migration Points Advice Application Form

To apply for a TRA Migration Points Advice assessment, please complete the Migration Points Advice Application Form, which can be found on the “Key Documents” page.

Step 3: Submit your application and documentary evidence

Your application must be submitted “decision ready”.

This means that TRA receives your application:

  • on the correct application form,

  • signed and dated,

  • with evidence that you have paid the correct fee through the TRA online portal, and

  • representing your most comprehensive and strongest case for assessment.    

TRA will not contact you for additional information.

To help you ensure that you provide all the evidence required an Applicant Evidence checklist is available. Both the Migration Points Advice Application Form and Applicant Evidence checklist can be found on the “Key Documents” page.

In most instances you are not required to resubmit documents you have already provided with a previous TRA Migration Skills Assessment application.  Please ensure you quote your TRA reference number.  However, if your skills assessment was through a TRA-approved registered training organisation (RTO) you will need to submit all documents with your MPA application.

For details regarding where to submit your completed application form, documentary evidence and evidence that you have paid the application fee, please refer to the Contact Us page.

For information on how to pay the Migration Points Advice application fee, please click on the Fees page.

TRA will assess your application and the documents you provide and advise you of the outcome in writing. 

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