How to apply

How to apply

All applications submitted to TRA must be decision ready. This means you must have completed your application form, supplied all the required documents and have paid the application fee.

The Application Form

When completing the application form, please ensure you have:

  • completed all the relevant fields

  • signed the Privacy and Consent Declarations

  • checked and signed the MSA Evidence Checklist. 

Once you have filled in the application form electronically, you must print and sign the form manually.


MSA Application Form

MSA Employer Template

MSA Self-Employment Template

MSA Additional Employment Details Form


Please ensure you have colour scans of your original:

  • passport

  • qualification/s

  • academic transcript/s for each qualification

  • a completed employer template/self employment template for each employment period claimed

  • pay evidence for each period of employment claimed.

Email Submission

All documents must be scanned in colour and emailed as an attachment to TRA. The email address you must use is:

You may be required to split your application into parts if your document file size exceeds your email account limits. Please place your surname, date of birth, occupation and the number of emails submitted in the subject line of all emails related to your application.

Example: Smith - DD/MM/YYYY - Carpenter, 1 of 3

You will receive an acknowledgement letter by email once your application has been registered by TRA. This letter will contain your TRA reference number. Please store this number safely, as this will be required should you contact TRA in the future.

Document Requirements

Your documents must be scanned in full colour in either .jpeg or .pdf format. Document quality must be at least 150 dots per inch (dpi).

The total maximum file size for your application email must not exceed 90 mb.

TRA cannot accept documents that are sent through file sharing platforms, such as Google Drive.

Please ensure your application does not contain documents that are locked or password protected.


TRA will not be notified if your application is not delivered by email for any reason. If you send your application by email and have not received an acknowledgement letter within two weeks, please contact TRA. Our contact details are on the 'Contact Us' Page.

It is your responsibility to ensure your scanned documents are delivered in a format that meets the requirements specified above.

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