Migration Skills Assessment

The Migration Skills Assessment Program (MSA) is for applicants applying for a permanent skilled migration visa in occupations and countries not covered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO) approved by Trades Recognition Australia (TRA).

It is a paper based skills assessment of your qualification/s and employment history to determine comparability with Australian standards for a skilled worker in your nominated occupation.

The MSA program is for migration purposes only. A successful MSA outcome does not result in the awarding of an Australian qualification and cannot be used for employment, licensing or qualification recognition purposes. If you wish to be assessed for an Australian qualification, you can choose to apply for a skills assessment through the Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP). To be eligible, you need to be applying in a OSAP nominated occupation and should be able to travel to Australia or an OSAP nominated country for a skills assessment by a TRA-approved RTO. More information about the OSAP can be found here.


You are eligible to apply for the MSA program if your nominated occupation is:

You must check with Home Affairs before submitting your application to ensure your visa pathway requires a skills assessment, and that TRA is the correct assessing authority for your nominated occupation.


You do not apply for the MSA Program if you are:


Please read the Guidelines before proceeding as they contain detailed information about the program including application requirements and eligibility.

MSA Applicant Guidelines
MSA Applicant Guidelines


The following fees are payable by the applicant in Australian dollars


​Fee ($AUS)

Migration Skills Assessment


​Migration Skills Assessment Review of Outcome


Payments for the MSA Program can be made online by Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card through the TRA Online Portal. TRA will not refund the above fees if you decide to withdraw your application once assessment has commenced.

 When you use the TRA Online Portal, a payment summary containing a customer reference number and receipt number will be produced. You must submit the payment summary with your application form. 

The MSA Application form can be found here.

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